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"I first started playing the 'ukulele at 13 years old, and it immediately became my full-blown passion. My dad told me that I should invest in a Kamaka 'ukulele if I wanted to get serious with music. He surprised me with my first concert-sized Kamaka in 2010 for my 14th birthday. I fell in love with the sound and everything about it. I was fortunate enough to receive a custom from Casey Kamaka in April 2012 and haven't thought about playing any other 'ukulele since. It's an honor to be a small part of an 'ukulele 'ohana that is always striving for excellence, refinement in their instruments, and keeping a 100+ year tradition going strong."
Mika Kane was born and raised on the island of Maui. He picked up his first 'ukulele at the age of thirteen and hasn't stopped playing since. He comes from a family of musicians, with one of his biggest influences being his father Dain.

Mika's upbringing with the 'ukulele involves thousands of hours of practicing, watching Youtube videos and listening to playbacks. He has won multiple 'ukulele competitions on Maui, O’ahu, and the Big Island, and was invited to perform in the Maui 'Ukulele Festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and the E Kani Ka Pilla Kakou music series at the Kaua'i Beach Resort Hotel. One of Mika’s original compositions, Across The Sea, has been selected and featured on a promotional video for Ocean Vodka on Hawaiian Airlines.

A Music Major at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Mika studied in-depth classical music theory, aural training, piano, music history, form and analysis, and Bach counterpoint. One of his biggest highlights was taking an ‘ukulele class taught by fellow Kamaka Artist Dr. Byron Yasui, with whom he would later go on to garner his respect and become his private student. Together, Mika and Dr. Yasui both applied for the prestigious Hawai’i State Foundation on the Culture and the Arts Grant Apprenticeship and were awarded the Grant in June 2017.

Mika’s first CD, entitled Old Soul, was released in 2016 and spans several musical eras from the 1920’s to present. With a sharp ear and a knack for precision, Mika has skillfully combined his study of classical music theory and various 'ukulele prodigies all into one CD. Although Mika plays a wide variety of music, his focus gears toward playing oldies and jazz with a classical influence.
“This Nearly Was Mine”
“Sophisticated Hula”
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